Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Paint Your Canvas

CT tag which I have made using the new package out this month by Michi Art, this entire package is so adorably cute and fun to work with.  Life can often be seen in artist's eyes as a blank canvas, we make of it what we will, through the trials and tribulation along with the joys and blessings, we paint a beautiful picture of what we do and become as we grow in strength and character.  With this wonderful package, I used the exquisite matching kit that Ladyhawwk Designs made to match it, which can be purchased here at CDO.

I also have made a matching wallpaper, which can be found on my blog here.

CT Tags: Fall Affair

★•★CT for Ladyhawwk Designs★•★ 
These tags were made with a beautiful kit just released by Ladyhawwk Designs called "Fall Affair" and it is an exclusive to Barbara Jensen's Store. I am using Barbara Jensen's tubes in both tags. Click the links for purchase.

Floral Fantasy CT

CT tag featuring the gorgeous art of 
Barbara Jensen using her Brand New
Twice shy 91-3 tube. I am also
showcasing the beautiful scrap
Floral Fantasy by Ladyhawwk Designs.
She has a very shy nature around people.
But, when left alone in her flower garden,
her true nature shows itself. The colors
of her are illustrated by the flower petals.

Fall Affair CT

CT tag featuring the simply stunning art of
Barbara Jensen using her Brand New 
tube Summer Breeze 91-2.
I am also showcasing the wonderful
scrap Fall Affair by Ladyhawwk Designs.

Monday, October 16, 2017

CT Tut-Selfie Pretty Girl

CT Tut For Ladyhawwk Designs

using the kit

IB Pinuptoons 62-1 found

Matching tube found

Tutorial found

Saturday, October 14, 2017

The Season of Love

CT Tag using an amazing scrapkit made by Ladyhawwk Designs that has a definite theme of love, we often think to celebrate a special day of love in February, however the season of love, and to show love, is always going on and is always a special spot in the heart to bring about the beauty of the moment.  Having that special someone by your side during all those special moments in our lives makes them all the more special.  You can purchase this wonderful kit here at CDO.  With this wonderful kit, I used the amazing art of Jennifer Janesko, whose art tubes can be purchased here at CDO as well. 

There is also a matching wallpaper on my blog here.

Dia de los Muertos

CT tag featuring the fantastic art of
Jeremias Colmenares using his 
July 2017 Bonus Tube. I am also
showcasing the Inspired by
Enamorte October 2017 Scrap by Ladyhawwk Designs.